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Automotive design. How to draw a car.

Automotive design. Some tips on how to draw a car.



It may seem difficult to do so for the first time, but once acquired universal steps have certainties to which refer to each car model that you want to draw.

The car is a symmetrical object, to give you the best position in depth which refer is the 3/4.

Draw before the surface with a simple horizontal line then are you going to have suspended in the air by an oval flat tummy.

The next step will be to splash the bonnet trying to locate the central median line, you should know that the cars are perfectly symmetrical so it is very important to draw a center line to have a point of reference and so to draw the body symmetrically.

Then draw the wheels that have the same thickness from this point of view. Do you have to draw only three because the fourth is covered and so do not see. Then he mentions the position of the headlights and draw the car’s profile.

Then trace the line of the roof and the rear part of the bodywork.

Erase unnecessary lines and be careful not to delete the main ones of the drawing, you will get a result similar to what you see below.

Now start drawing the details like door handles the Windows clusters, the bumper, and darken the rubber of tyres and the shadow under the car.

Continue with the draw the details by adding the Interior of the passenger compartment, taking care to darken it for good, the lines that make up the design of the machine, the front arms and circles.

Finally complete the “chiaroscuro” to the body that will help you to give a look more real and voluminous.

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