Awesome Italian Interior Design in Milan

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Let’s go inside the homes of famous italian interior designers and architects, looking into their private live and work spaces. Let’s have a look to the other side of one of the best italian interior designers homes, Fabio Novembre Home-Studio in Milan.

For many years, the famous young architect resisted any thought of living in a real home. For Fabio Novembre, the idea of having any type of material restrictions seemed far away, and he approached the thought of privacy as a joke.

But it was the fact that he was living in a one-room open loft which served as a space in which he slept, ate, worked, partied and made love, that made beloved people walk out on him for a period.

‘The place was filled with people day and night, and I couldn’t even take a shower without feeling like there were eyes prying on me.”

Fabio and his wife’s house is nowadays an expression of their love for one another. The rooms have been rendered as passionate and fun, injected with life and bold features such as a transparent shower that can be viewed from the glass staircase.

Moreover an heart-shaped handrails. A specially installed cabinet in the living room has been treated by the netherlands-based designer Maarten Baas, in which he has literally burned the surfaces of the cupboards to give them a charcoal look.

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