Best camera for street photography


The best camera for street photography is that one you can feel like an extension of yourself, not like excess baggage. So, anything below 500gr is ideal. When you shoot in the street you wish to move around a lot, carrying your camera in your hand most of the time. Anyway, no matter what you are using to carry your camera it is important to not feeling it too much heavy.

Small is better.  Small cameras in fact, seem unimportant to others. People in the streets tend to believe that bigger cameras are owned by photojournalists, so their natural behaviour is to steer away from it. Anything as big as a Fuji XT-1 is ideal. Important in street photography is to use a camera with no markings or logos. Anything shiny  is not recommended in any street camera.

The ideal camera should be manageable with one hand. The menu system should be easy to handle, but it can happen to find yourself in bad situations where you can’t shoot because you need two available hands (like holding an umbrella). Many modern cameras also need two hands to operate.  To not have the right camera may cost you a good shot or more. The ideal camera for street photography should be as silent as a plume falling. In this way you can get closer and shoot without being noticed. It also must have a fast shutter release. At least 1/8000th of a second. The ideal street camera’s controls should be intuitive, easy to use and most of all accessible. On camera flash is essential too for a street photographer that tends to be out and about at any time of day or night.

Last but not least image stabilisation makes the street photography experience even better, allowing you to capture photos that would normally turn out blurry or messed up. So is so much better your camera having this feature.

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