Best Interior Car 2015

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The interior plays a pivotal role in establishing the vehicle’s brand character and making it intensely desirable to buyers.

In 2015 automakers are thinking creatively about interiors and putting a lot of design horsepower into not just luxury vehicles, but pickups, minivans and family sedans. Car companies are investing more in high-quality trim materials, electronic features and other details that will surprise and delight.

Highly celebrated objects of the automotive marketplace, the most luxurious cars serve a very important function-beyond being mere status symbols. With their “cost is no object” nature, they reside at the center of where new technologies are introduced.

Features like voice activation, Bluetooth, and the GPS navigation system debuted in luxury cars. In other words, these models show us what’s possible. Among the last ultra luxury cars are also built to a remarkably high standard. While few can afford the prices these cars command, everyone appreciates what they represent.

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