Best italian interior designers

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It is very hard to evaluate a rank of the best italian interior designers , anyway this is our personal one.

1 – Ettore Sottsass


Son of Ettore senior, was a great Italian architect and designer. Is the creative direction of Olivetti that Ettore Sottsass will mark one of the highest points of his career in 1969. To go down in history is the modern and eye-catching Valentine. A portable typewriter thanks to the practical handle, has a strong erotic personality, a continuous designer reference. “The sensual color attracts the consumer“.

2 – Giò Ponti


Among the most important architects and designers of the past century, Giò Ponti is remembered as one of the most illustrious personalities of creative italian landscape. Architect of the Pirelli skyscraper in Milan, and many other important buildings in the world, has left its mark even as a designer. During the creative direction of Richard-Ginori has created a plethora of products with a strong classical reference, but is for Cassina in 1957 that creates the most famous object that will go down in history. There are those who say that you’re not a great designer if you don’t create a session.

Thanks to the elimination of “unnecessary” material, Giò Ponti lightens the weight of the chair, turning it into a minimalist design, modern but with strong links with the past. Why this “easy chair”, as termed the same go bridges, was revolutionary? Well, simple. The previous chairs were great, important, but especially heavy. The featherlite becomes an object that can be easily removed, with only two fingers, becoming extremely functional throughout the house.

3 – Pier Giacomo e Achille Castiglioni


Sons of a famous sculptor, Pier Giacomo and Achille Castiglioni have marked the world of design thanks to their simple and revolutionary ideas. Everything in their products had a function, role, nothing was left to chance. Extreme refinement and cleaning of the shape, all “Fratelli Castiglioni” products remained in history.Together they won 14 Golden Compasses as well.
For sure the product to be highly iconographic and modern yet is the Arc Lamp for Flos communion in 1962. A perforated steel dome, suspended from a steel arch supported by a block of Carrara marble. Nothing is decorative, everything is functional. The perforated dome serves not to overheat the lamp, travertine cuttings need not create edges that make it more brittle material wear and hole the same block is used to make the lamp can be easily removed. What this product is revolutionary? For the first time the world has known a suspension lamp that is not suspended from the ceiling, but that was nothing more than a free-standing. For the first time a suspension lamp that could be moved to the house: illuminating the dining table and desk study. The lamp is so passed into history that has been defined as work of art and as such protected from plagiarism and imitation. Is exposed in the most important museums in the world such as the MoMA in New York.


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