Professional Design Course

The design core in the world in terms of Design, still in Italy, that is one of the best country in the world that provides best hands-on training to students coming from abroad in the field of Designing.

Main Info

This Professional Design course is an overview in the Italian Industrial Design with focus on Interior Design, Product Design and Fashion Design.

Students will learn the historical aspects of Italian Design, basic of shape and function, new trend analysis, manual sketching, 2D/3D modeling and materials technology.


– be over 18 years of age
– be in possession of the high school diploma obtained in the country of origin
– have a good knowledge of the English language

Here you have the main subjects divided by year:


History of Design

Product Design 1 (Industrial design)
Interior and Living Design1
History of Modern Art
Cad 3D
Product Design 2 (Design for Fashion)
History of contemporary art
Interior and Living Design 2
History of Fashion
3D rendering
Product Design 2 (Design for Fashion)
History of contemporary art
Interior and Living Design 2
History of Fashion
3D rendering
Supplementary activities (seminars, internships, visits to companies and museums)


This course is an overview to the design aspects involved specifically in product, fashion and interior design. Creative, sensorial, emotional, expressive skills which characterize the italian way to look at industrial design will be coached to the students. We will improve your personal knowledge about “Made in Italy”.

The work of the designer blends to creative design and styling skills with elements of engineering, ergonomics and marketing.

The workshops will be focused on the Design of tomorrow. Creativity is a matter of solutions, so we will try and try again during the workshops to develop a project that can be usefull for people. A project that can be usefull giving people a benefit. The benefit may be provided by the use of a new material or by the shape. Learning about designing both the interior, the fashion and the product is a clear target.

The course is held in English language and it’s open to all the people that are concerning the Interior DesignIndustrial Design, Fashion Design and the Italian Culture.

During the course the teacher will suggest a bibliography and other sources where the students may find interesting contests. So every student will be able to have an additional comparison with theory and real practice.

A student completing Professional Design Course with Florence Design School studies shall become a professional in the field of Design sector thereby enhancing his skills in varied areas of interest like engineering, ergonomics, design and performance with environmental sustainability.

During the lessons students can count on a software package that includes last release of:

– Autocad

– Rhinocheros

– SketchUp

– Cinema 4d

– Illustrator e Indesign

Florence Design School  is an institute of advanced artistic training based in Florence that has focused on “innovative” paths, close to new technologies and which involve the use of multimedia-related supports. A formative reality born from the core of the LABA in Florence (authorized by MIUR – Ministry of Education, University and Research, for the release of legal qualifications equivalent to three-year and specialization degrees, with about 20 years of activity), with the aim of offering courses, of a professional nature and in English, to an international user interested in acquiring skills in the field of Italian Design.

Florence Design School aims to train Design professionals with transversal skills.

Florence turns out to be a pole of great attraction for art and creativity and every year students from all over the world are interested in studying Art, Design and Fashion, in the city that has become over time a place of important cultural and artistic exchanges.

As a consequence of this,Florence Design School  intends to give a formative response to the many young people who from all over the world glimpse in the city of Florence, a place rich in artistic and cultural stratifications and therefore suitable for developing their creativity and creativity.

Florence Design School has set a series of local collaborations with institutions, both public and private entities and especially with companies, with which to collaborate through the teaching of courses and where students have the opportunity to carry out professionalizing training activities that allow you to follow up to the projects developed and produced by the students themselves.




We facilitate the students in finding the best accommodation depending on your needs. Here you have a sample of accommodation that we can provide.

The Rates

  • 5000 €

Price includes: Registration fee, Assistance in finding lodging, Value added tax (VAT), Certificates


  • Starting from 1 of JULY 2020

Final Certification

A Professional Diploma (with Pearson international certification) will be issued to those who have attended at least 80% of the lesson hours and have passed the 15 exams foreseen in the study plan.

Final Certification

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