Visual Art, Photography and Fashion Design all in one Course

Florence Renaissance Artists are famous for their sense of beauty and soft touch in human body representation testified in sculptures, canvas, affreschi. This course is a focus on the human body representation following the renaissance artists to stimulate a personal sensibility and ability in human shape painting.

Students will finally produce a painting book to retrace the Florence Experience.

This course is an overview to the Visual Art aspects mainly with the introduction of Photography and Fashion Design.

The visual art topics are:

  • Naked Anatomy
  • New Design Techniques
  • New Painting Techniques
  • History of Italian Art

As well as internal lab sessions students will also participate to live painting lessons during museum or city center visits where they will be able to study and paint directly in front of the most famous renaissance operas.

This course will give also the chance to learn photography techniques trough laboratories and last software release. The course is held in english language with mother tongue translation in case of common provenance and it’s open to all the people that are concerning the visual art mainly but also Photography, Fashion Design and the Italian Culture open minded students.

The Florence Photography course includes lecturesslide showsdemonstrationsshootings and field trips, discussions and critiques on the pictures produced by students.

In Fashion Design Course students will be stimulated to the understanding of the Italian Fashion Design and they will be helped to develop a personal thought and style.

Florence Design School course underline not only the Italian Style such as individual creativity but also as “The art of the makers”, which characterizes the “Made in Italy”.

They will be inspired through our external visit to choose between: Gucci’s MuseumSalvatore Ferragamo’s MuseumFlorence Stores Tour. The course provides the appropriate tools to understand and photographing architecture, sculptures, still life and urban subject of Florence using different approach and photographic techniques.

During the course the teacher will suggest extra contents and visits so every student will be able to have an additional comparison with theory and real practice.

During the lessons students can count on a software package that includes last release of:

– Autocad

– Rhinocheros

– SketchUp

– Cinema 4d

– Adobe Master Collection

The official SYLLABUS will be issued once you confirm your enrollment. A SYLLABUS is a detailed document revealing your daily activity.




We can facilitate you in finding the best accommodation depending on your needs. We have a list of accomodation in a private page that we will send you after your apply. Here you have a sample of accommodation that we can provide.

Italian Language, Included For Free

A basic Italian language course is included with all the studies. A nice and funny way to bring back home a little piece of Italy.



An hour lesson will be taken every day after course’s end for all the students. All together, in order to mix your different interests.We will start learning basic words, sentences, questions. That ones you could use in your stay in Florence, but we will upgrade talking about current events in Design, Fashion, Photography and following the most important social accounts that can tell us what to do or can help us finding out events in Florence and Tuscany.

We will comment with critical method news and contemporary italian designers combining curiosity and your personal willing. In a relaxing mood trying to let go the stress of the day.

It is UP to you to take this course, if you will do it you will receive a specific certificate.




Follow up to medium course. Advanced themes & professional skills acquisition. Qualification required.

The Rates

  • 1 Month
  • Basic Italian language course included. NO enrollment fee.
    3800 €
    4200 €

Price includes: Registration fee, Assistance in finding lodging, Value added tax (VAT), Certificates & Diplomas.



The official SYLLABUS will be issued once you confirm your enrollment.

Final Certification

All the students will receive a certificate of attendance.

During the last day of courses the school will organize an internal show with all student artworks. At the end of each course students will be issued with an attendance certificate in a ceremony.

Final Certification

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