Fashion design artist tote bag

For those who find themselves in a place with no reusable shopping bags, tote bags are the best solution. Tote bags have been interpreted in many styles and materials by luxury brands such as Valentino and Jil Sander, with the famous paper lunch box tote; they come with zips, studs, and functional pockets and in fine leather to please the urban-chic kind of girl. Artist designed totes are instead made of canvas from 100% post-industrial recycled cotton, with durable long straps. Their beauty is in the message, pictures or famous quotes, thanks to the generous space available on both sides. From Design Milk a series of fun artist totes, from Morgan Freeman’s face to “Beard Season”, a design of white letters on a thick black beard. A special tote bag, designed by Laure Prouvost, was presented at the 55th Venice Biennale by Max Mara Art Prize for Women, in collaboration with Whitechapel Gallery and Mousse, it featured this eye catching phrase: “This bag has its stomach full of butterflies”.

For those artists in need of a bag that can carry the tools for work, tote bags are also popular with multi pockets for storage. The SoHo tote has 20 of them, it is also perfect as an airplane carry-on and it is made in water resistant black nylon canvas.

Whether it is artistson the go, artists making art or fashion designers experimenting with them, totes have been established as the most popular bag in the latest trends, for its versatility in terms of design and practicality.

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