Fashion design basics – sketching


When drawing fashion illustrations, designers first create a rough sketch of the body, also referred to as a croquis, followed bythe clothes that go on top of it.

First, get some inspiration and try to think about something that you would wear/like. If you are stuck, go for a walk in the city and try to incorporate the elements around you, like the architecture of a building. Then grab your pencil, a black pen, and some sketch paper and follow these basics tips to help you develop your own looks in no time.

The easiest method to sketch for an elegant dress in a few steps starts from drawing the circle for the head and then the shape of the face. Always use a pencil to start with. For the guidelines of the body, you can draw a triangle-like curve for the upper part and then a circle for the hips. On this simple croquis you can draw the basic outlines for your dress. Then add the hair and facial features and finally all details that make your dress special. You can also add accessories, like jewels, gloves and hats and bags.

Do not forget to erase the draft lines and color your sketch.

Focus on developing a style of your own. There are lots of things that determine the unique style of your illustrations. Do you want to use watercolors, markers or colored pencils? How will you illustrate the faces on your models? How much styling will you include? All of these little details will work together to create a look that is distinctly yours! Focus on creating sketches that express your unique aesthetic with each element.

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