Fashion design courses abroad

When deciding on a course abroad, different factors are usually taken into account: location, environment, language and job opportunities prospect. When deciding on a fashion design course abroad, everything suddenly turns much simpler: nothing can match studying and living in one of Italy’s fashion cities, especially when it comes to craftsmanship. Florence is much more than your ‘location’, it is inspirational in many ways. Its historical architecture and setting are there for grabs to be incorporated into your aesthetic. And what about the artistic verve that the city is intoxicated with? Narrow lanes, tiny and quirky accessories boutiques, leather shops and Florence’s picturesque Ponte Vecchio all to take in. Gucci, Ferragamo, Cavalli and Pucci are some of the products of this town. A fashion design course here will explore their making on the field and allow you to have an overview of Italian Fashion Design through three different core modules. You will learn various basic techniques of modelling, drapery, trend forecasting, fashion drawing, cool hunting, fashion accessory and more, exploring different Fashion Design aspects each month.

Although FDS fashion design is in English, there will be the opportunity to learn Italian after lectures, as an Italian beginner course is included. So if you do have a passion for ‘made in Italy’ and fancy spending a great summer here to attend our course, check out all the details on this site for admission and fees.

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