Fashion designer education requirements



Fashion designer education requirements

Fashion designers are usually required to hold undergraduate degrees in fashion design. Those who intend on owning their own design firms or shops should earning a combined degree in fashion design and marketing  or another business-related subject. Aspiring fashion designers seeking new challenges may consult the news on ADI website for trends. 

Aspiring fashion designers usually complete an internship program with an assistant designer and during college, aspiring designers are strongly suggested to complete classes in areas such as visual marketing . During education and work experience, fashion designers need to develop a mix of design talents and artistic flair. Computer skills are also important for this career. Always being up-to-date about process and the industry while increasing their knowledge of textiles, fabrics and the methods of clothing manufacture.

But the real question is: what does an headhunter is looking for to hire somebody in a competitive  industry?

They usually prefer to hire designers with at least an associate’s  degree in fashion design or marketing , or a similar field. Often an internships or apprenticeships with experienced designers to try a real-world experience is very appreciated.

Usually associate’s  degrees in fashion design qualify people for entry-level jobs such as pattern maker or sketching assistants. Bachelor’s degrees may help you obtain a job as a fashion consultant or as a mid-level fashion designer. Master’s degrees in fashion allow designers to work in many different careers in the fashion industry.

Employers see a Master’s degree as an indication that can help you become a lead designer, fashion show manager, or a design supervisor.

Last but not least, also people who want to start their own career as a freelance may wish to consider combining a fashion degree with a degree in marketing or business.

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