Food Photography Tips and Tricks

instagram_2787001bPortrait photographers need to be skilled in the art of getting their subjects to relax in front of the camera to get a great shot, in managing complex scenarios.

Food photographers have things easier. The food is there, ready to be photographed.

They work alongside food stylists to create images of food for use in advertising, menus, cookbooks and other print and online media. Digital cameras have virtually replaced film cameras in photography, so prospective food photographers must be proficient in using a digital camera and related technologies.

They should also have an eye for what makes food look appetizing and appealing. Many food photography jobs are freelance, and a great deal of competition exists for assignments.

Here you have three basics tricks to reach a high level pictures:

A. Use less food than you normally would

While it may seem more generous to serve plates piled high with food, an over crowded plate can look less appealing than a minimalist spread. Just ask yourself: “How you can I use the white space of the plate to frame your dish?”

B. Use paper to add nice texture to plates

Lining plates with parchment or baking paper helps to add visual interest and soften the lines of your plates.

C. Look for contrast with backgrounds

While there are times when all white on white can be visually striking. You can realize better shots if you go for contrast. So a pale coloured food and plate gets a dark background where as a vibrantly coloured dish tends to be best with a simple white background.


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