Gucci museum Florence Italy

Gucci museum Florence Italy

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The Fashion Design Summercourse at Florence Design School includes a visit at The Gucci Museum located in Piazza della Signoria in Florence (Italy). Students will be projected from theoretical to practical approach having a complete overview on professional activities and crafts of the famous brand. The museum is active since 2011 when was inaugurated on the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the eponymous fashion house. 

The Gucci Museum that spans three floors (approximately 1700 square meters), traces the history of Maison from its origins to today, telling the know how that have made it a symbol of luxury and prestige. The Gucci Museum houses then exhibitions of contemporary art.

The Gucci story begins with Guccio Gucci, a Florentine immigrant to London who saw the potential in luggage as a status symbol while working as a porter at the Hotel Savoy in UK.

Specifically he utilised the skills of local tuscan artisans. He began by selling leather bags to horsemen in the 1920s and than graduated into luxury luggage with the change to non-equine transport.

Together with his sons, Gucci expanded his company to include stores in Rome and Milan as well as additional shops in Florence, selling his finely crafted leather accessories as well as silks featuring his signature logo.

From then to nowadays has been a constant grow. The brand was now becoming known not just for its exceptional Italian quality, but also for its innovative and audacious clothing line, constantly re-inventing through new shapes, colours and techniques.



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