How to create a professional 3d Model

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Florence Design School is provided with Apple computers and the ultimate 3d model software Rhinoceros. With this article we simply aim to introduce this powerful tool.

Rhinoceros is a 3D modelling software specialized for free-form Nurbs which means non uniform rational B-spline. Nurbs is a mathematical model that renders curves and surfaces in computers graphics offering the highest precision in 3D modelling. Rhinoceros is commonly used for our summer courses: car design, interior design to finally build a real model with the rapid prototyping.

For 3D printing in Rhino it is still necessary to create a mesh after the 3D modelling process. Let’s clarify some basic 3D modelling concepts.

Curve: are basically the points, lines and segments that make up the sketch model.

Surface: is a plane without thickness created between a group of closed curves.

Polysurface: is a set of multiple contiguous surfaces that build a volume.

Solid: is a completely closed and joined polysurface that create the 3D model. It is different from a mesh.

Here you can start learning with tutorials.


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