Industrial design trends and inspirations 2015

The future trends for 2015 in terms of industrial design follow the modern + organic concept, which has already permeated production under different shapes and forms of sustainability. Now it satisfies the desire to balance technology and ecology; it represents cultural reactions of moving into the modern lifestyle while building multiple aspects of sustainability into it. With Expo 2015 approaching, the focus is entirely on food and packaging, nixing that transfer entirely is the task at hand for Hannah Billqvist and Anna Glansén, who together are Swedish design group Tomorrow Machine. Right now, the duo have a few inventions that fall under two novel approaches to sustainable packaging: food wrappers that can change shape to double as a dish or bowl, and packaging that’s meant to be composted or washed down the drain. The hypothetical line has three foods: Basmati rice, olive oil, and a raspberry smoothie. The olive oil, for example, comes in a wax-coated caramelized sugar container.

This trend related to environment and ecology highlights the ideals of modern living by connecting them with the emotional aspects of what surrounds individuals. As Glamping has become the coolest luxury outdoor holiday that one can imagine, a developing interest in alternative ways of converging the sustainable experience with a relaxed and comfortable one has established in the future trends. Pneumad and the series to come of mobile architecture inflatable trucks by Min-Day, follow this idea, combining air-inflatable architecture with a ‘noMADic’ ethos. It enacts a form of anti-heroic desire to escape permanence, solidity and place-bound dwelling, a very compact trailer where to let loose and relax.

In the automotive sector it is all about the “In with the new out with the old” of MINI Businessman’s motto. The concept was developed by a team of seven automotive design students at the ISD (Institute Supérieur de Design Valenciennes) over a project that took five months in total, and the results are quite simply superb. The level of quality in the modeling, rendering, and promotional video is as good as any large automotive manufacturer could muster and is the sign that young talents and ideas are able to come up with new products on trend, their appreciation establishes one. The designers involved in the project were Cyril Noulette, Jean-Baptiste Epinat, Michael Barthly, Julien Fesquet, Paul Martinez, Jordan Zigang and Maxence Texie. Feeling inspired?


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