Interior design trends for 2015 in UK

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2015 in UK was an oasis of inspiration for interior design lovers as new collections are unveiled. Here is our pick of some of the design trends and themes that will feature in 2015Bright jewel tones, chevron patterns and ikat prints introduced into the home, with matching furniture and bright colours incorporated into the most stylish properties.

However, this year’s forecast is set to be quite different, moving away from overused prints and saturated colours to feature an array of exciting possibilities. 2015 interior trends have a softer, less austere feel than we’ve seen recently. The palette is soft, smoky and moody, with dusky greys, pale sea greens, and pinks used with strong whites and injections of jewel-like tones of plum, ochre, aubergine and blue.

Fabrics are floral and include large botanical prints. Tactile textured velvets, chenilles and embossed rich leathers are also popular.

Kitchens are using honed, natural stone and marble surfaces with fewer wall cupboards, matt finishes and black features. We’re seeing warmer metals  brass and copper rather than stainless steel. Wood is prominent in its natural, untreated form.

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