Ride a Florence Design School’s BIKE




Good news for you students!

We wil provide you a bike for you transfers from and to the Florence Design School. All of our bikes are designed specifically for city riding comfortable and classy, easy, fun and comfortable to use and ride. They feature a wide range of heights. To adjust the seat height, follow the seat post down to where it fits into the bike frame and flip open the quick release lever.

You can easily take a ride on the viali bicycle path and make a trip to sights in the surroundings of Florence, like Fiesole village or chiantigiana road.

It works with a preauthorization hold of $50 per bike that  is placed on your card account. This is a not a settled charge against your account. It serves as a security deposit and will be released when the hold expires. You can also deposit the same amount by cash.


Summer 2015 in Florence – Design, photography, interior, industrial – summercourses


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