Tips for Stylists. Specialize: a key to success



Specialize is a key to success of a stylist in the opinion of those who attended the fashion environment, the school is not the only gateway to become a stylist. As we said before, the knowledge of the right people that can ask us is paramount. Often the fashion houses open their doors to people who have been recommended by others, but who is not smart in this sector cannot stay there. For this the skill, professionalism and stubbornness in the long run to honor. Once you have completed the course of study or educational training, the next step is to specialize in a specific area of fashion.

For example, most of those who want to become stylist prefers clothing, ignoring that accessories is a sector in expansion. In Italy the sector “clothing” is very inflated, while there are good opportunities for designers of accessories such as handbags, wallets, ties. Or another area where specialize may be creating swimwear! In short, it is important to monitor the market in search of free segments we can occupy, trying to earn a spot with skill, and also with the right dose of humility (that never hurts!). It is needless to recall that at the beginning you have to be willing to do the “ranks“.

What does it mean? First of all that to become a stylist you must be willing to sacrifice your leisure, remaining in office for ten hours straight, if you must.

At first we just pack simple and elementary tasks, then you can take the roles of increased responsibility. The advice is to live in cities where we breathe and live fashion like Milan and Florence. Remember also that the stylist can also work for television, cinema and theatre, designing stage costumes. It is a professional outlet not to be missed! There are fashion agencies and fashion houses that specialize in these areas.

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