The relationship between form and function in car design.


The relationship between form and function in the car design.

The authentic industrial design should aim at increasing the effectiveness of the relationship between form and function, not favouring one of the two aspects but evaluated them and at the same time in the design process, so that they are fully integrated into the final product.

Every design project should make a breakthrough or a significant change, which is to elevate the overall quality of the functional, aesthetic level, technological matter, compared to previous products of the same type.

The relationship between form and function can however be conceived in many different ways: some designers try to hide the structure or technical solutions which determine the functionality of the object, others tend to highlight and enhance them.

Some projects are primarily based on the search for functions and advanced manufacturing technology, others on new volumes and visually compelling shapes or use of materials enhanced in their aesthetic and structural characteristics (texture, color, physical properties, and so on).

A relationship between form and function, however, given the wealth of possibilities today offered to the designer by technological progress, occurs when there is a perfect balance between the two aspects.


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