Tips for landscape photography at night


Toscana has a beautifull landscape but also an amazing night sky plus hills scenario to shoot. We want to share with you some tips for landscape photography at night.

It’s hard to ignore the enchanting feeling of star gazing at a night sky, you soon become lost in its beauty and the willing to shoot a picture is strong. Whether it’s camping near home in or witnessing a rare northern lights show in the arctic you can have the privilege and challenge of documenting these night landscapes. Camping under the stars literally every night might made you, that much more appreciative to capture the beauty of the night sky.

1 – Get Away From the City

The farther you are from city lights the clearer you will be able to see stars and the less light pollution you’re going to have.

2To Infinity

Set your focus to infinity or focus on far away light sources, if you want to focus on your subject shine a light on them.

3Trial & Error

Don’t be afraid to test settings to see what works best.  The beauty of working with digital cameras is that you get instant feedback. Keep your ISO as low as possible.

4 – Frame Up

Remember that the sky is your hero in the photo.  Is good framing the sky in the upper 2/3 of your image and then vary your angle depending on the scenario.

5 – Expose Long & Short

Long exposures are going to leave you light trails and short ones should make the stars nice and sharp.  Try both methods, you will find some surprise.

Here you have more tips for a dark night sky:



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