What is your fashion design aesthetic?

This seems to be the question that contestants get asked at the selection for Project Runway, best Docu-reality show on fashion design, hosted by super model Heidi Klum and starring powerful judges such as Nina Garcia – Creative Director at Marie Claire– and fashion designer Zac Posen. The designers have to go through different challenges, which is the way the judges test how loyal they are towards their aesthetic. Take the so called ‘unconventional’ challenge, where garments are created from non-fabric materials, such as candy, tools or even plants: it is only by having a strong point of view that the designers can achieve a look that doesn’t say ‘crafty’, but still makes the statement they would make using fabric. In this season’s series, Amanda Valentine is proving to be one the favorite designers. She has bohemian vibe, with chic and hip dresses and playful colors: put under pressure to create a dress from on old fashion man suit in pink ‘sofa cover’ fabric, she won the challenge with a hippy-bohemian dress, a structured body from the suit fabric on which she thoughtfully applied long black fringes.

It is fair to say that developing your own aesthetic takes time and effort, measuring the taste level and taking into account the latest trends, which means: “who is actually going to wear my garment?” Former judge on the show and American fashion icon Michael Kors always asked the contestants to imagine the woman wearing the designs, who she is and where she is going. Think about your age target? Junior? – The occasion? A cocktail party, Work? – Your attitude? Romantic-urban-edgy? – It will then be much easier to develop your own style and to perfect it as your tailoring improves.

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